Mojo (R.I.P.)

Dear Mrs Gibbs,

I am still at a loss of words to console you for the loss of Mojo, your Yorkie, who was run over this morning by an unknown driver. The vet’s receptionist told you he is in a better place now. I wish it was true. He would rather have been with you. But sometimes bad things happen to good people, and in one unguarded moment our beloved pet is taken away from us.

It would have been 2 years to the day this Wednesday morning since our Airedale, Mathilda, laid her head down for the last time. We had too much time to say good bye. She suffered for 3 months from liver cancer before giving up the fight.

You had only a few minutes to say good bye to Mojo while we raced to the vet. Always remember that he heard you this morning in the car and he knew you were trying to save him.

Both of us cried for Mojo. I know that, as with my Mathilda, there will be many small reminders of him in the months to come. Remember him for the character that he was. It will be hard, but try not to blame yourself for the recklessness of the unknown driver.

A dog lover.

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  1. Boerseun:

    A sad day. ;-(

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